Monday, April 16, 2012

Totally out of it!

I dont know if anyone is even following Hawaii Graffiti lately.

I have been out of the game for so long! It's hard to follow the game when your life changes. The last couple of years, Ive had so many things change with my job situation, home situation, etc. But what I notice is, the people who love graff art are still doing their thing!

There are some new names I see out on the streets but there are also names that have been in the game for a while now, that are STILL doing their thing on the streets.

Not that it matters, but just want to let you guys know that I notice it...and if I can, I try to get the flicks. I would love to be able to get them all and post but there is also a lot that I havent posted YET!

I want to make my way back into the photography if any of you are out there, i'll be back again flicking like I used to!

Until then....the art is awesome!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Ive been slacking!

What's up guys?

Sorry, ive been out of the scene lately. I haven't posted anything new but ive still been doing my thing. I just have a lot of things going on right now which takes priority over taking pictures. But in time, I will be back.

If I don't update before the end of the year, I hope all has been well with everyone this year and hope our economy gets better in 2010. I'll be back to continue what I love doing, viewing art in its street form.

Happy holidays and as always.....Be Safe!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Michael Jackson Comes to Life

Mural done by: Biest, Look, Prime (Honolulu, Hawaii 2009)

Most of us have already seen the Michael Jackson Tribute wall on South King Street.  Passing by it today to get a better shot, I stumbled upon the wall and saw a guy leaning on the wall dressed in the black and white outfit that MJ wore during Billie Jean.  

All of a sudden, I hear the words "ACTION!" and realized I stumbled upon a set for a short film. I moved out of the way quickly and watched.  

"CUT!", and a car rolls by.  The actor comes into the shade for a little bit to wait for the stop light to turn green and as soon as the coast was clear, he propped himself up on the wall and stood as a statue imitating MJ's pose on the wall.

There were five of us there.  The actor, the kid, the camera man, a woman watching the whole thing unfold, and myself, and the occasional passers by.

I stayed and watch as they filmed take after take.  I could not stay very long but I was able to catch some pictures of the days events.  I cant reveal  who was doing to filming without their permission, but all I know is that its going to be shown at some film festival in Chinatown this weekend.  The short film is still untitled.  I will update if and when I find the short film online.  

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Las Vegas Mural

On my last visit to Vegas, I stumbled upon this large mural.  I wasnt able to get the mural as a whole because there was a 40 foot container parked right in front of it.  Anyway, I posted a reply in a Las Vegas Graffiti thread in hopes that some of the locals there can identify the crew or the people who painted it.  

If you know who painted it, can you email me or leave me a message.  Thanks. 

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Multiple Forums

Funny thing that we "Hawaiians" do.  

So I went online to see how many "forums" and sites that there are for Hawaii graffiti there are and theres actually a whole bunch of them.  But the funny thing about all of them is that everyone posts the same thing on all the sites.  

I can go to my site to look at pictures, then someone will "borrow" the picture and post it on another site, then someone else will borrow it and post it to another site.  

Aren't you tired of seeing the same things on different sites?

Most of us know which sites im talking about but im not going to mention which ones.  I just thought it was funny to see the same thing on 4-5 different places.  

What do you think?

Saturday, July 4, 2009


(Click it to view the larger picture)

Many of you have heard or seen Twoez bomb on the H-1.  Here's a flick if you havent seen it.  Count em....76!  That's right, 76 O's.  

Friday, June 19, 2009

Interview with Aero

Aero was on Oahu and rocked a couple of pieces while in town.  Motorists can catch a view of his mural from the H-1.  The mural is located at the Palama Settlement.  

I was able to get a "mini-interview" from Aero and this is what he had to say. 

  1. What was your inspiration for your Palama piece?

The night before on Kauai i had a vision to paint me as King Kamehameha graff style  holding out spray cans bringing the islands  together. Honestly I had know idea but I found out it was King Kamehameha the next day, I had chicken skin and out of respect was going honor the day and keep it traditional.
  So now the theme word changed and Palama  was my next choice, due to signage permits not allowing direct marketing to the ongoing traffic. Mike a teacher at the settlement thought of Malama as a replacement word. The font style was a rough freestyle of something legible from the highway but not to simple.
The next thing I had to throw in there was a boat since my mission for this year is called “its about the journey”. The boat is leaving the islands and sailing away.

With Diamond Head in the background it made it an official Oahu coastline. It began to drizzle several times on me when I was completing it. In my eyes it was another sign to pack up and finish my work was done.

2. How long did it take you to paint that piece?

I had some support in the red and baby blue fills, but altogether a continuous 4 hours.
The speed rate is due to everything being at ground level and accessible without a ladder.

3. What do you do while you paint? Listen to music? What kind? Meditate?

While painting I found most music distracts unless it’s instrumental. Now bare with me I like to go where what some call the zone even when creating a quick piece. The state is some what of a mental meditation I guess. I visualize the image in my head and begin to move formatting sections and blocking out areas with color to build zones. These zones become my territories of interest that make a quick production feel complete. Based on color selection and characteristics of the paints I pre-determine where colors will be utilized effectively and what brands to use for certain effects e.i. detailing, shading etc. The deeper we venture into the dimensions of layering and start to create the illusion it becomes clear on how much time is involved in each zone. At this point the game has just begun and the only disadvantage is the how fast you can psychically paint. While progressing on the mural the next level is bending time by minimizing your lines and strokes for more accuracy and purpose. If I get any more philosophical it could make you really reconsider spray painting with out a respirator. This how I keep each painting entertaining enough to paint even if its not worth my time. 

4. How often do you paint commissioned pieces?

The rate of commission varies some could take 1-3 days. If I were to look at a ratio based annually at completed murals it would be around 250 large and small. I believe it’s the best way to promote my paint line and still network with business.
I can’t forget custom canvases, prints, shirts, hats, workshops, events and free painting with fellow artists. 

5. What's it like traveling the world? 

Travel has mostly been a work experience for me since I first traveled internationally at 15.
Ive learned through traveling it’s a worldwide competitive playground and its entertaining hanging with people who don’t speak English. Every thing else is a dream you will probably never experience ever again so cherish it.

6. If you could do something else, what would you be doing?

Id be surfing with my younger brother Emery Kauanui back in Kauai. 

Id like to say thanks to Aero for his time and committment to aerosol artists around the world. You can view his murals from around the world at or see his Spray Paint Company - Blubbercolors at Blubber -