Monday, July 13, 2009

Michael Jackson Comes to Life

Mural done by: Biest, Look, Prime (Honolulu, Hawaii 2009)

Most of us have already seen the Michael Jackson Tribute wall on South King Street.  Passing by it today to get a better shot, I stumbled upon the wall and saw a guy leaning on the wall dressed in the black and white outfit that MJ wore during Billie Jean.  

All of a sudden, I hear the words "ACTION!" and realized I stumbled upon a set for a short film. I moved out of the way quickly and watched.  

"CUT!", and a car rolls by.  The actor comes into the shade for a little bit to wait for the stop light to turn green and as soon as the coast was clear, he propped himself up on the wall and stood as a statue imitating MJ's pose on the wall.

There were five of us there.  The actor, the kid, the camera man, a woman watching the whole thing unfold, and myself, and the occasional passers by.

I stayed and watch as they filmed take after take.  I could not stay very long but I was able to catch some pictures of the days events.  I cant reveal  who was doing to filming without their permission, but all I know is that its going to be shown at some film festival in Chinatown this weekend.  The short film is still untitled.  I will update if and when I find the short film online.  


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